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Almost 49% of First Nation adults in Alberta reported that their health was excellent or very good ("thriving"); of the remaining 51%, who reported only good, fair or poor health ("non-thriving") 80.9% were over the age of 55


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Welcome to the Alberta First Nations Information Governance Centre!

The Alberta First Nations Information Governance Centre (AFNIGC) will promote, protect and advance the First Nations´ Ownership, Control, Access and Possession (OCAP™) principles, the inherent right to self-determination and jurisdiction in research and information management.

The AFNIGC represents the culmination of a 20-year process to strengthen First Nations control and capacity in ethical and relevant processes for research; and the collection, utilization, and storage of data. The AFNIGC´s Board of Directors is responsible for governance over these processes and, in particular, for the continuation of the First Nations Regional Health Survey (RHS) and the new First Nations Regional Education, Employment and Early Childhood Development Survey (FNREEES).

The AFNIGC is the regional satellite/centre for the National FNIGC who´s mission statement is: "Founded on First Nations principles, the FNIGC is a premier indigenous model of research and data excellence for the well being of our Peoples and Communities."

The roots of the FNIGC go back 17 years, to the birth of the First Nations Regional Health Survey, or RHS. The RHS has built a solid record of independent research and has become the gold standard of information about the lives of people living in First Nations across Canada.

A Resolution was passed in January 2010 by Alberta First Nations Leadership at the Assembly of Treaty Chiefs (AoTC) in support of the development of a regional satellite of the National FNIGC. The AFNIGC was established by First Nations to meet Alberta First Nations Information Governance needs - with accountability back to Leadership.

In accordance with the National FNIGC´s mission to:

Facilitate the exercise of First Nations jurisdiction and greater ownership, control, access and possession (OCAP™) of First Nations data and information; the Regional office of the AFNIGC will also facilitate the principles of OCAP™ by:

  • Increasing the impact of research and information that measures the state of First Nations health and wellbeing;
  • Providing sound governance and oversight to research initiatives and specialized surveys;
  • Permanently hosting data; and
  • Building the individual and systemic capacity for respectfully engaging in data collection, analysis and utilization through:
  1. Professional development;
  2. Training and tools;
  3. Standards of excellence; and
  4. Access to equitable funding.